Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Wild by Jay Griffiths

I've been catching up on some reading during my lunch hour at work, thumbing the yellow, dusty pages of books neglected. 

Wild: An Elemental Journey is a travel book by Jay Griffiths published in 2008. I say travel book, it's a more of an ode to travel, to people and nature. The book is unlike any other book I've read; the writing itself is wild, full of poetry and manifesto. The author visits indigenous communities around the world (for example: Shamans in the Amazon, Inuit in the Arctic Circle, Aborigines in deep Australia), talking about the culture, sex, language and landscape of wild places, sometimes incorrectly termed 'wilderness'. Once you tune into the language, you can lose yourself in the book, and it certainly makes a lunch hour sitting on the grass outside offices in Warwick a lot more interesting.

Talking about nomadism
"But the lure of wild and nomadic freedom has never left us, any of us. It is in our lungs, breathing in freedom, in our eyes, hungry for horizons, and in our feet, itching for the open road. Put your boots on." (Griffiths, 2008, p.310)
Photo by Katie Mckay

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