Friday, 28 September 2012

Fresh Feet

Leeds has felt paradoxically quiet lately, returning to the city for final year. Friends, acquaintances and familiar faces from the last two years have moved on for work, travel, whatever - while all the time the campus gets busier. Freshers. For many, the pace of life picks up again in September. Fresh blood courses through the veins of a red brick institution and you worry about being left behind.

Then I realise I’ve forgotten one of the oldest rules in the book: life doesn’t stand still, so move with it. Not all good things come to an end, but they transmute into something else right (energy cannot be created or destroyed)? There are new memories to make and new successes to be had. So, gather your things and get outside. The world is waiting.


  1. 'move on with it', a great outlook Ben. As much as I find myself dwelling on my life-changing experiences in Leeds, I must accept it has become my past. We owe ourselves to the present, if we do not embrace it, it will become the past we chose not to remember. The world is yours dude, stay keen :) Lewis