Saturday, 15 December 2012

Update on PEACE Ride 2014

Kyrgyzstan countryside

Back in August plans for the Pan EurAsia Cycle Expedition [PEACE] were posted online. Leaving London in March 2014, the route will undertake 9000 miles across country, desert and mountain to the base of India, via the Himalaya.

This ride has captured my imagination, and of those who kindly nattered with me about cycle touring, the tiger nations of Asia and travelling in general. Thanks to Euan and others who shared their experiences.

I'm happy to say that the ball is now officially rolling, like the wheels on a lubed and loved bicycle. So much so, I had to the cheek to give a talk to LUUHC on my prep for the exped, called 'How to Cycle 9000 Miles and Not Get Lost in Kyrgyzstan'.

The route between Istanbul and northern India needs more work, which I'll start in August 2013. I understand the areas like Chechnya, past Georgia, are politcally hostile. Two Brits honking and waving their way through outpost settlements in Russian satellite countries won't go down well, especially if we haven't got official visas to be there.

The great news is that a graduate and friend from Leeds, Lewis Gibbs, is keen on joining me for the ride. If you want to join the team get in touch via email.

If you can offer accommodation between London and India or you have detailed knowledge of travelling in these areas please contact us [] We'd love to hear from you.

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