Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Vintage Psych

Do you feel the weight of mountaineering history resting on your shoulders? No, probably not.


How about now?

As walkers and climbers, we're not a mere blip in the storyline of moutaineering. We're at the forefront of it, called the present. Cragging it up on a weekend keeps the passion alive.

Mankind's knowledge of mountains has grown with the efforts of thousands of ordinary individuals, trekking in high passes and attempting dogged routes on high peaks. Admittedly the chapters are complicated by class and gender struggles.

Alongside human exploration and fascination for the big peaks, technology has developed. More extreme expeditions required better gear. Today's generation is gifted with advanced materials and technical equipment... B3 Scarpa 'space boots' as my housemate called them, over the hobnail leather boots of old. Does the wealth of knowledge and skills passed down to us, give us a responsibility to use it? That's something worth thinking about.

Public Service Broadcasting are a London-based duo that mash up archive footage with musicMore on their website.

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