Saturday, 4 August 2012

From Matt Fuller

Welcome to Leeds Uni Hiking Club’s offshoot fitness group. This is for anyone who wants to get fit and is willing to put in some effort. It started as Training for Winter, then it became Training for Summer, and soon it will be Training for Winter again. In reality, it’s training for whatever you want it to be, whether that be mountain fitness, a beach body, to pull in clubs, or to fend off the advancing fat. Last year was this group’s first year and we trained for about 9 months. In that time members of this group completed...

  • The Yorkshire 3 Peaks - some people ran, some people walked, one loony cycled. One nutter completed it more than once
  • The Welsh 3000s challenge
  • The Leeds Half Marathon
  • The Leeds Park Run - with more PB’s than you can shake a stick at
  • Trail running round and over Ilkley Moor
  • A total darkness ascent of Ilkley Moor
  • Competing in Orienteering at national level
  • Cycling across France
  • Cycling around the North of England
  • Climbing a shed load of mountains across the UK (Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia, Lake District, Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, Fort William, Cairngorms, Torridon)
  • Bagging a ton of Alpine summits
  • Ice climbing in Alpine winter
  • Rock climbing all over the North
  • Backpacking around the UK
  • A lot of games of football

Now for the stats:
  • Indoor climbing and bouldering 250 times (based on 5 people going average once a week all year round)
  • Climbing 70,000 stairs (based on 15 training sessions, 9 people average per session, 500 reps per session
  • 10,800 press-ups (based on 30 training session, 9 people per session, 40 reps per session)
  • 10,800 sit-ups (based on 30 training sessions, 9 people per session, 40 reps per session)
  • 20,000 burpees (based on 30 training sessions, 9 people per session, and too many reps per session)
  • 1000 miles of muddy sprinting (based on 30 training sessions, 9 people per session, and 3 miles per session)
...And a shed load more stuff.

The real point was that we set out unsure whether we could complete some of these objectives. It didn’t matter; we gave them 100% and you can do no more. If you complete them then that is a bonus, but the objective is to try.

If you want to get involved, get in contact with Matt via the LUUHC Committee.

In the meantime, get your teeth into this

Daft Punk - Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix) by The Glitch Mob

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